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Youth Lead Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Designed for youth, by youth, Young Leaders' Academy experiences enrich the lives of young leaders on their journey to honing their unique intelligences for the advancement of themselves and the benefit of their communities. A rites-of-passage program of, ReCondition Community Cooperative, Young Leaders' Academy model provides a process that guides and challenges youth to be their best-individual-self. Because young people should be viewed, not only as, leaders of the future, but also as leaders today, Young Leaders' Academy provides opportunities for youth to practice, develop and be seen.


Education to Engage, Envision, and Empower


Provide a platform for black youth in Chicago to be active

in the movement to (re)condition their community.



Collective Work & Responsibility. 

Self-Determination b.w.o. Self-Awareness.




As Young Leaders' Academy we respect and value our students as individuals. We believe that learning can only be fostered from a feeling of mutual respect, guidance, and direction, and do our very best to maintain those values in everything we do. Our unique approach supplies our students with the proper support system that will help lead them down the path to success.


Young Leaders will:
develop deep understanding through active, integrated and experiential learning activities, customized to fit them.

  • Meaningful relationships and partnerships with students, parents, and  neighbors (organizations, businesses, churches, schools, residents)

  • Customized activities that fits the unique needs of each child

  • Relevant, challenging, and meaningful learning opportunities

  • Inquiry centered, project-based approach to learning

“Education must not simply teach work-it must teach life.”

William Edward Burghardt Dubois