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The Leader Ship Vol. 1, Issue 3


Be Free, Teach Freedom

by C.J. Howard


Facing Freedom in America. This week, five Young Leaders and their educational advisors took an outing to the Chicago History Museum to explore this topic through this aptly titled exhibit. The advisors, as all educators must, taught hard skills for research, but their primary goal, as usual, was to teach leadership. To be clear--this exhibit was a very significant component of the Young Leaders' curriculum, as freedom can not be isolated from leadership. A foundational principle of the academy is that leaders can not exist if they are not free, and no one can be a leader for the oppressed and marginalized, without seeking freedom.


Human history has shown, freedom seeking isn't limited to those practicing leadership. However, it is this same history that demonstrates that the state of being free is a trait exclusive to leaders. It is a leader's free state that allows them to dream differently, think differently, plan differently, and act differently. It is the promise of these different ideas and practices that draws people in to share in this act of difference making, in the creation of change. A question arises though. Can one be taught to be free? The answer, yes. One can be taught to be restrained, restricted, imprisoned, ever yielding, and dominated--why wouldn't one be able to be taught to be otherwise? So, the remaining question, how? The only response--watch Young Leaders' Academy show you.


 Summer Institute Week 2 Highlights




Examining Disparities in Urban Design- Chicago


Why are some neighborhoods safer than others?


Young Leaders will engage in strategic Chicago neighborhood walks to investigate potential answers to this question. Summer Institute neighborhood explorations are scheduled for Fri. July 27th and Thur. Aug. 2nd. Young leaders will use their intentional observations to draw conclusions and present patterns that are potentially correlated with neighborhood crime rates. Chaperones are needed. If you're interested in volunteering, please reach outThe corresponding image is meant to be symbolic of Chicago neighborhood safety disparities and may not be accurate for current 2018 crime rates.




Summer Institute Unit 2 (wk 3-4)


Shared Leadership Targets:

  • Young leaders will develop a daily schedule to help them execute their self-designed action plans.

  • Young leaders will practice self-discipline.

  • Young leaders will cooperate to support each other by offering their gifts and talents (strength areas identified during unit 1) to support their peers in completion of their tasks.

  • Young leaders will ask for and accept support when they identify challenges beyond their own capacity.

  • Young leaders will be persistent and complete challenge tasks to solve problems.




Individual Learning Targets:

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