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The Leader Ship Vol. 1, Issue 4


Discipline: It's Simple, and the Results Are Too

by C.J. Howard


A challenge was offered to Young Leaders this week; it was introduced through one word, self-discipline. It’s a simple word, yet it has complex meaning. And, as is the case with most complex concepts, it requires complicated application.


Discipline, by definition, includes external rules being established, and external punishments for not honoring said rules being implemented. This is simple. This is largely how society operates, and largely the extent of which discipline is taught. The issue with this within the concept and practice of leadership is that it does not develop critical thinking, it does not foster individuality, and it does not encourage a quest for freedom and innovation. Considering, if “self” is not included in the discipline taught to children, we have a community largely void of leaders.


So, why is it that discipline is taught absent of “self?” Imagine—a skill intrinsically identified, practiced, and assessed being explicitly, extrinsically taught. Teaching self-discipline becomes much more complicated than the application of the complex skill itself. With that, while Young Leaders have been offered this challenge, the greater challenge is ours. Leaders will only be as great as those that guild and support them.


Thus, the call to shift the educational paradigm continues (Vol. 1, Iss. 1). Exemplify, support, celebrate the young, gifted, and black (Vol. 1, Iss. 2); most can’t believe it, if they don’t see it. Be free, teach freedom; free thinking yields change (Vol. 1, Iss. 3). Value self-discipline, be self-disciplined, and teach self-discipline—discipline alone is not enough.


Build Young Leaders, build your community.



 Summer Institute Week 3 Highlights




Examining Disparities in Urban Design- Chicago


Why are some neighborhoods safer than others?


Young Leaders conducted their first of two Summer Institute's strategic Chicago neighborhood walks to investigate potential answers to this question in Lincoln Park. The next Summer Institute neighborhood exploration is scheduled for  Thur. Aug. 2nd in our home neighborhood, South Shore. Young leaders will use their intentional observations to draw conclusions and present patterns that are potentially correlated with neighborhood crime rates. We've secured our chaperones for this occasion. Thank you for your support!





Summer Institute Unit 2 (wk 3-4)


Shared Leadership Targets:

  • Young leaders will develop a daily schedule to help them execute their self-designed action plans.

  • Young leaders will practice self-discipline.

  • Young leaders will cooperate to support each other by offering their gifts and talents (strength areas identified during unit 1) to support their peers in completion of their tasks.

  • Young leaders will ask for and accept support when they identify challenges beyond their own capacity.

  • Young leaders will be persistent and complete challenge tasks to solve problems.




Individual Learning Targets:

 Come out for the closing showcase for this unit!







1. Sign up to volunteer. We are currently seeking volunteers to serve in various capacities at our 2nd Annual Summer Community Olympics, Saturday, August 18th, 12-4pm. This will be a free, fun, family friendly event. Find out more

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5. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a educational experience that will develop a child into their best possible self, please consider Young Leaders' Academy for the 18-19 school year. Apply here.

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