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The Leader Ship Vol. 1, Issue 5


Lots of Bosses, Too Few Leaders

                              by C.J. Howard


There is a common misconception about leadership; likely grounded in the frequent malpractice by many of the more prominent “leaders.”


Likely because society often determines whether someone is a leader based on their title. This flawed perspective is one in which leadership is associated with being a “boss,” being able to tell others what to do, when to do it and how to do it; of having people to serve you—or at the very least serve under you. This is not to say that these perspectives are completely wrong, it is to say that they are limited, and absent of a very crucial component.  While a title can certainly deem you a boss, a boss is not the same as a leader, and it is important that the difference is distinguished.


Leaders need to first demonstrate a servant’s heart.  A servant’s heart is a prerequisite to leadership.  A leader sees service to and for others as a life sustaining force. Leaders recognize that it is for the service of others that they move and act, and not solely for themselves. These traits--this heart--are recognizable in one’s actions, not in one’s title, nor in ones willingness or ability to tell others what to do.


Having the power, to have people serve, that makes a boss, sure. However, it is having the power to first serve others, to be a model servant, and inspire others to be servant partners that makes a leader. Thus, be urged to examine a person’s actions as a means of analyzing their heart. Know true leaders when you encounter them and, please, serve with them.


Look forward to the day where “like a leader” is more desirable than “like a boss.” Let’s create that reality by:

Build Young Leaders, build your community.



 Summer Institute Week 4 Highlights





Summer Institute Unit 3 (wk 5-6)





Continuing Leadership Targets:

  • Young leaders will develop a daily schedule to help them execute their co-designed action plans.

  • Young leaders will practice self-discipline.

  • Young leaders will cooperate to support each other by offering their gifts and talents (strength areas identified during unit 1 & 2) to support in completion of shared tasks.

  • Young leaders will ask for and accept support when they identify challenges beyond their own capacity.

  • Young leaders will be persistent and complete challenge tasks to solve problems.



Come out for Young Leaders' Academy Summer Institute Commencement Celebration!







1. Sign up to volunteer. We are currently seeking volunteers to serve in various capacities at our 2nd Annual Summer Community Olympics, Saturday, August 18th, 12-4pm. This will be a free, fun, family friendly event. Find out more

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4. Support with resource development efforts. Families, we need video testimonials & surveys, by Monday, Aug. 13th. Sister Chanita will be contacting you directly. Also, we're fundraising for 18-19 school year programming, please see our donation page

5. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a educational experience that will develop a child into their best possible self, please consider Young Leaders' Academy for the 18-19 school year. Apply here.

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